Our Mission

LineSpect develops smart cameras to minimize environmental impacts among precision agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, and biofuel production industries.

Our Story

Founded by Ike van Cruyningen, LineSpect began with self-driving drones for powerline inspection. The company built custom sensors to detect latent defects using ultraviolet light, ultrasound, electric fields, and magnetic fields.


LineSpect is now producing cameras with multiple sensors, multiple cameras, and flexible illumination designed to enhance your vision.

Our Team

LineSpect is a highly skilled and accomplished team with expertise in software development, computer vision, machine learning, bioimaging, mechanical engineering, product marketing, and business development.

Our founder and Managing Partner, Ike van Cruyningen, has 30 years of experience starting five different software companies built on his educational foundation:

  • P.h.D. in Mechanical Engineering with an Electrical Engineering minor from Stanford University
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University
  • Bachelor of Applied Math from the University of Waterloo

Ike loves mentoring employees to enhance their success, developing new approaches to technical challenges, and seeing them through to innovative products.